"Why Three Twelve?"

This is the question I probably get asked the most about the boutique. I get it, it is kind of an odd thing to name a business. But, it really has deep meaning to me and I am always so happy to share!

When Jason and I started talking about the real possibility of me starting the boutique I began to think of potential names. At first I wanted something trendy, maybe with a pun worked in somehow (I do love a good pun!). But, the more I began to think about my vision for the boutique, and the role I wanted it to play in the lives of women, I started looking for a name with deeper meaning.

At this point I had not told anybody but Jason about the boutique, so I was silently looking all around me for inspiration. After racking my brain for a few weeks I felt like giving up and just googling “boutique names”. At this point in time I was working full time at a graphics shop, and one day a woman came in to work on a project for the girls in her church’s youth group. She wanted a graphic designed around the verse they had been studying. And it was funny because it was the same verse I had been reading that morning. And to make it even more obvious that God was giving me major hints about the name for my boutique, He used a conversation with my sister that very same night! She was telling me about the lesson she was prepping for her middle school girls for the next Sunday. And I said to her “That’s so funny, this is the third time I’ve talked about this verse today.”

The verse was Colossians 3:12 which says “Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

The next morning I was getting ready for work and was still thinking “God, you’re so funny!” I mean, I was praying for a name for a boutique, and there He was repeating a verse about ‘clothing’ yourself. Then, as I was standing at my sink, brushing my teeth, I suddenly knew that the name of my shop needed to be “Three Twelve Boutique”. I literally began to weep.

I love the visualization of physically putting these characteristics on like clothing. And the fact that we can clothe ourselves because we are CHOSEN and LOVED. It literally gives me chills to think about.

I love fashion, and I love helping women pick out a cute outfit. But even more than that I love working with women to believe in themselves, to see the characteristics of Colossians 3:12 inside of each of them. I want to help women understand their mighty worth and purpose in this world, and to see how dearly loved they are. That is where my heart truly lives, and I believe this dream that God planted in me years ago is the vehicle I am able to use to connect with women. And I couldn’t be more humbled and thankful for this opportunity!

So... that is how I came to naming my shop Three Twelve Boutique!

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